vendredi 5 août 2011

nail polish

my firend Kathy gave me (for my birthday) me some nail polish in many different colors. You will imagine my happyness ...and Mina's too!

And even if they are not organic and that they're so chemical and for the children they're  nooo goood and la la la, from time to time I put on her some coloured nail polish cuz she's too cute with it. and also because she loves it:

The problem comes when she wants to put the nail polish by herself, I think that a blind person with the parkinson would do it better.

Then to avoid the crises, the roarings, the tears and the rolls on the ground (^^) I found a simple way to quench her urge to varnish: draw on paper my hand (or hers), without forgetting to draw nails!
Smalto 4


I finally thought of sharing this idea with you, because maybe some of you have children fascinated by nail polish as Mina is.

have a nice week-end

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