samedi 3 septembre 2011

how to customize a (metal) t shirt

if you don't know the Anvil band, let's see this film and you'll love them.
right after i saw it i went (on the internet) to buy their tshirt and album to support them. and I discovered that they're also so cool to listen to.

but the tshirt was a way too big for me. then I have looked (on the internet again) for a way to customize it and I have found jillions of ways to do it.
this way that I'll show you is the most used (it rages on blogs, sites and on youtube's videos) maybe because it's the easiest, you'll see.

maybe you wouldn't even need a sewing machine (I mean that some hand sewing could be enough).

let's start:

take the big tshirt and cut off the sleeves (keep them) and the higher part (in orizontal, just down the "nek"):

then cut the "edge" of the back shirt, what remains from the armpits to the superior part of the back (I have not made the pic of that but you will understand seeing the next photo)

then you must make two things, one is fundamental and the otherone is not. (explanations under the photo, otherwise is impossible to understand)

we start from the not-fundamental thing:

that is about to make an hem on the upper part of the back side of the shirt. I did it and I think that it isn't even useful, because with the hem, the edge of the shirt will falls and hangs in a very strange way and then you should sew a pince to make it look good (oh I hope you'll unterstand my english^^)
while if you just cut the tshirt, the edge would naturally roll up being more elastic. so, don't sew a hem (even if in the photo there are some pins)

now the fundamental thing:

make a hem on the tall part of the shirt (where the neck used to be) that it has to be wide enough to welcome a drawstring for when you will tie it around your neck, in this way:

making the drawstring will b easy: do you remember the sleeves that you have cut? cut away the edge of the sleeve maintaining the seam and you will have two half drawstring that you will sew together and then, with the help of a nanny pin, you will pass it in the edge.

if the shirt is too long you can recover the drawstring from the edge in lower tshirt (in this way you will directly have a long drawstring with, subsequently, no need to sew)

And now a little revenge against all of those that had made fun of me because of my black crocs:

I rock! :)

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