samedi 23 juillet 2011

BabyLegs DIY

babylegs for babies are so practical and cute! they are useful for low the pants and keep the legs warm when the baby is in the sling (or at home)

so here is a great idea to make babylegs without buying them: by recycling some old punctured socks.

everything you'll need is a needle and a thread, a pair of scissors and a pair of sock that you like.

1) take a pair of sock that you like. I have taken some sock that are dear to my ♥ (I am a fetishist of the sock) that I didn't weart anymore because they had punctured, but that I had never succeeded in throwing because they had given me tmy girlfriend Anna. (or there are those that you will see later, that I bought TEN years ago douring my erasmus in Paris, they are all broken but they remember me so many beautiful moments:)

2) you cut away the foot. keeping only the tubular part. and then cut another mini tubular part that will become the low hem. (for the tubular part for the hem you can decide to cut in the part that you have discarded -that means the foot. you'll cut just between the toe and the heel- or not. it will depend by the lenght of the soc)

3)cut away a little part from the tube that will form the hem, so that its circumference is slightly inferior to the circumference of the rest.

4)shortening the hem you will have to sew-closed the cloth again (to have a tubular form again).sew right sides together.
I have done it with the sewing machine, because I have it...but you could do it very well by hand.

5) done? now turn it and you hem is endend :)

uh wel, quite...

6) fold it (see the pic)

7)assemble the hem and the rest of the sock and baste them right sides together. obviously the circumference of the main part of the tubular is bigger thant the one of the hem, therefore you must create some "pences" to make them fit.

8) sew

9) and you've done! :)

I have done these down here with the other pair of sock that I told you before. the sock was longer so the final effect is different:

here's also a little video:

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marieclaire a dit…

excellent & environment friendly idea !

nicoz a dit…


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