jeudi 21 juillet 2011

the pouch sling

do you know the pouch sling? is a very easy way to wear your baby (and do you know babywearing? is a very easy way to live with her)
I post here you the links that have helped me in the realization (btw the idea had come to me by reading the book "Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials Into New Family Treasures"):
HERE you can find the pattern (it's written essentially to not make it more breadth than 60cm/56cm for safety reasons; the length of the fabric must measure twice the distance between the shoulder and the opposite hip;  then add 5cm (yep, you have to leave a room for the baby) and 2,5cm (for seams) to the total length of the fabric.

this video explains how to make it:

and now that u made it, let's see how to wear it (and how to wear your baby):

start with turning the inside toward the outside of the pouch sling

fold up the fabric in two

insert the pouch sling on the shoulder wich with you'll not carry your baby (for example, I carry my baby on the left shoulder, so I insert the pouch sling on the right shoulder)

wear your pouch sling by passing it above your head and you'll find that the folded side of the pouch sling is downward forming the pocket (pouch!) wher your baby will be (uh well, see the pics above to understand!^^)

et voilà! your pouch sling is ready, enjoy!

try to don't roll up the fabric behind the back, for more confort. and if you want some more confort you can sew a little band of cloth (with a button) to tighten the high part of the pouch sling (like in the pic above) just like in a  ring sling.

and let me see the pic of the pouch sling that you'll sew!

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